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Welcome to Sleepnet.com's Need Sleep? Ad Campaign

All potential images for the ad poster will appear on this page. I will add voting capability so we can decide together which images to use. If you are submitting an image you may add a description of what it is relating to along with your name. Privacy is still an important matter so if you do not want you real name to be used just let me know. Sandman will not use a name until permission has been granted.

Images can be submitted in any size, however the best dimensions for good quality will be a width of about 150 pixels and height of about 165 pixels (larger is better than smaller). I will re-size, remove background if necessary, edit color, and perform any other graphic enhancements to make it the best it can be. JPEG and GIF are preferred, but if you have something scanned and are unable to use those formats you may submit it in any format. Just e-mail sandman and attach your image. Sleepnet.com must be able to copyright all submitted images.


Generic Image
Cartoon example
"London 1992"

Guess Who?
Lori Smaltz "Astral Slide"
"Sleepy in Alabama"

"Cats 1"
"Yahoo the Cat"
First image received
"Cats 2"
Looking for dog.


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