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Good Morning Sleepy Heads: A jump-start on waking up in the morning

Send ideas for getting better sleep or unusual sleep stories to Sandman

Wise sleep a little eastern philosophy

Support Groups
Have you had problems coping with CPAP? Are you interested in joining or starting a support group? You are not the only one. Many support groups are available but the one which works best with sleep apnea and using CPAP is the A.W.A.K.E. Network. You may find an A.W.A.K.E group in your town. To find out if you do or to begin one if you don't contact the ASAA and they will be happy to help.

Sweet Dreams

Get good sleep and have a great Labor Day Weekend 2005


Sleepnet.com going
through changes.

Sleepnet has begun to add Google Ads. Hopefully this will help support an employee so we can keep the forums open 24/7 and continue to update the site on a more regular basis. Help is needed. Snoozeletter's need to go out. I hope you don't mind the ads.

A reconstruction is needed to streamline and simplify the process to get to what you want and what you need from Sleepnet. Most importantly, each sleep disorder has a dedicated page with direct links to all related information on Sleepnet. Updates and improvements continue on an ongoing basis.

If you have an idea that you think will improve the navigation of the site please e-mail sandman2@needsleep.net with your comments.

I send special thanks to all those who sent in ideas concerning the look of the new homepage. The help is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes and sweet dreams,






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